No pressure — we’re all just gonna stand around staring intensely as you code for our amusement. No pressure though!

A member of your team has just left for another opportunity 😢. While you and your team are excited for them, you also realize you have a backlog of user stories with looming deadlines. It’s time to hire.

You believe you need a warm body capable of producing code to…

I’ve been staring at this code for 6 hours and still don’t get it…

As a software engineer, few events are more daunting than your first day in a new role where you are introduced to a massive codebase. If you’re lucky enough to have a formal on-boarding experience, then perhaps a more senior member has walked you through the codebase, tech debt and…

Pictured: Charles, React Developer at a typical day at work

Charles, a ReactJS developer, sits down and wipes the breakfast burrito crumbs from his scraggly beard.

“Ahh, time to create another component!” he exclaims, while cracking his fingers and then resting them ever so gently on his mechanical keyboard.

The codebase he’s adding to has a number of other components…

Brian Jenney

full-stackish developer, late bloomer coder and power google user

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