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They say a power nap can really improve your debugging skills — would 10/10 not recommend doing during a critical issue though 😉

It was around midnight on a Thursday when our platform team had finally finished a data migration. It took about 3 hours longer than expected and I had volunteered to be the front end developer counterpart on call to check if everything looked fine on the site after the migration. Easy deal, I thought. But then things took an unexpected turn.

We were all tired from this massive migration and even though I was a spectator for the entirety of it, I was feeling the residual stress and ready to sleep now that we were creeping into the next day. A quick glance over the site showed no obvious errors. Well, except for one. Our real time line chart was no longer working. This is the chart many of our customers proudly displayed in the lobbies of their businesses and executive offices. It looked cool. …


Brian Jenney

full-stackish developer, late bloomer coder and power google user

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